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5 best apps to chat on the internet

Dating applications allow to chat on the internet and especially to remain available for all opportunities. Let’s see the 5 best sites and applications to chat on the internet.

To make a meeting in the summer or during the winter, it is always more convenient to have at hand his tool of seduction. Whether to find love or just for one night, you have to go through the drag stage. Here is our selection of the best dating apps to chat on the internet.

Apps to chat on the internet: NRJ CHAT

to chat on the internet CHAT NRJ allows to chat on the internet, whatever its intentions. Whether chatting, flirting or finding a soul mate near home. Thanks to its “radar” tool, working with the geolocation of the mobile, it allows to propose the profiles closest to you.

Although there is a feature of this type on NRJ CHAT, no need to wait for the game to use the services and be able to flirt on the internet! On the one hand, we can see who consulted and liked his profile. On the other hand, we have the opportunity to start the discussion without having recorded a match. We are talking about Icebreaker (literally breaking the ice) that we can of course decline if the person does not interest us. Moreover, it is possible to specify if it is the physical or the message that does not please or then to specify that the message is vulgar and with sexual connotation. This allows some information to be traced back to the technical team.

Available on iPhone and Android, but also on PC, all the services offered by NRJ CHAT can be used for free on the internet, thanks to NRJ CHAT credits easily accessible for free as we have revealed in a previous article.

NRJ in a few figures is:

More than 6 million users per month
420 million messages exchanged each month;
Nearly 400 million matches a month.

What have many opportunities to chat on the internet.

Biggest dating app: Tinder

Tinder is the mastodon of dating apps. Indeed, it is without contest the best application to chat on the internet by its huge number of users. With hundreds of millions of registrations in more than 190 countries, we count no less than 26 million matches per day. Of these matches, 1.5 million dates are organized every week!

The principle of the application is simple! Having previously defined their preferences regarding their attraction to a gender, the target age range and the desired distance, profiles are offered to the user. By tapping on the visible profile photo, we get more photos to determine if the person likes us.

He will also have the opportunity to take knowledge of information to chat on the internet, such as:

  • His age
  • A description that can specify the relationship that the person is looking for or his nickname Snapchat
  • The distance that separates them
  • The place of work or study
  • His Instagram photos, if the person has chosen to synchronize them
  • Facebook relations in common (Editor’s note: completely failed by the way).

Then, just sweep the profiles to the right to like them or to the left to ignore them, this is called the swipe. If a mutual attraction takes place, without dragging for the moment, a notification will notify you of the match. Then there will be more to start the discussion, the free version allowing it. It is a way to flirt on the internet for free quite rare.

The paid version (Tinder Plus), meanwhile, offers some advantages like being able to like more than 100 profiles per day or go back to rectify a wrong choice or an error handling of his smartphone.

All our condolences for the owners of a Windows Phone who can not use the application unavailable on this kind of smartphones .

Apps to chat on the internet: AdopteUnMec

AdoptUnMec on the Internet AdoptUnMec gives power to women to chat on the internet! On the one hand, access to the site and application is free for them, but it is also they who choose to allow men to talk to them or not. An effective way to avoid wasting time on the internet “for nothing”!

Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, downloading the application is free, but in-app purchases are available. Across all media, AdopteUnMec has several million subscribers.

Interesting and unpublished features are proposed by AdopteUnMec to chat on the internet. It is thus possible to carry out searches by hashtags, via geolocation or thanks to Cyril® (the assistant worthy of Siri). There is also the possibility to hide his visits to users with the ninja mode, accessible for free for women from a certain number of points accumulated.


Badoodraguer on the internet Badoo is more than 355 million registered worldwide

Based on the freemium model, it allows access and free use of all services. All you need to do is have your profile checked by the Badoo moderators (photos and identity). An unprecedented feature has recently emerged. She can find her own look-alikes, those of her friends, but also those of celebrities. To exchange directly with them, it will then download the application.

The intentions of Badoo members are varied. Some only choose to chat for fun, others want to make friends and some want to meet someone.


to chat on the internet HappnHappn is the dating application Made in France for chatting on the internet. Indeed, it helps to find who you meet in the street. Practice when you do not dare to take the first step or that you could not hold the person.

Like its competitors, the application works thanks to geolocation. On the other hand, it only offers profiles that are really close to you and not located hundreds of kilometers away like the others do, although you have specified that you want to meet a person located in an area of ​​5 km for example. As such, it is on point that Happn stands out applications to flirt on the internet! In addition, it tells you how many times you have crossed and the date of the last crossing.

To enable linking, two means are possible. Either we send a charm to the person, in this case, it is immediately informed and this method is paid. Otherwise, we like her profile and we wait for her to do the same to be sure that the attraction is reciprocal. Conversely, this solution remains free.


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