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The Best Dating Apps for 2018 Summer Season

Summer is almost here! And if this year you have not yet found a soul mate, especially not panic because your Smartphone will be responsible for playing matchmakers! So ready to meet love? Discover the best dating apps to download urgently before summer begins!

The latest of the dating apps: Hater

Application that is much talked about right now, Hater will allow you to meet people who hate the same things as you. Tested for a month in New York, the application is based on more than 3000 topics to match users with each other. Among the topics on offer are, for example, Donald Trump, people who walk too slowly, addicted to selfies or paying extra at the restaurant. Hater will be available at first on IOS and Android smartphone users will have to wait until spring to find the soul mate.

The most popular app: Tinder

Without doubt the most used application for dating, Tinder allows you to meet new people near the place where you are. Someone like you? Swipe to the right. If, on the other hand, the profile you have in front of you does not interest you, you can then scan your screen to the left. If one of the profiles you “like” you “like” in return, then you can discuss with your “match” and meet him in real life.

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5 best apps to chat on the internet

Dating applications allow to chat on the internet and especially to remain available for all opportunities. Let’s see the 5 best sites and applications to chat on the internet.

To make a meeting in the summer or during the winter, it is always more convenient to have at hand his tool of seduction. Whether to find love or just for one night, you have to go through the drag stage. Here is our selection of the best dating apps to chat on the internet.