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The best biking and cycling apps for athletes

Once installed on the handlebar of your bike, your Android smartphone can provide you with many services. Tracking your activity, GPS guidance, calculating your speed or pedaling frequency are some of the possibilities offered by the bicycle applications available on the Play Store.

Runtastic Road Bike Cycling App


We begin our selection of the best bike applications by one of the heavyweights of the sector, I want of course to speak of the Austrian company Runtastic (property of Adidas). This world leader in sports has a wide range of physical activity monitoring applications.

Whether you are a fan of running, fitness or pumps, Runtastic offers a wide range of sports applications.

Obviously the bike has not been forgotten. The application Runtastic Road Bike Cycling very popular cyclists offers a whole lot of service. Like most activity trackers, it measures distance traveled, speed, altitude and calories burned.

You can also track your position on a map in real time via the GPS of your smartphone.

Runtastic Road Bike Cycling keeps track of all your bike outings. It is the ideal tool to measure your progress and motivate you to play sports. No options are missing. The app also has a module to find thousands of ideas of course and to consult the weather.
For those who want more

The Pro version (paying) has additional features to better monitor its physical efforts and assess its progress. Among the various options available are:

A voice coach capable of providing audio information (speed, distance, altitude) during the race
Direct calculation of the percentage of a slope
The possibility of connecting a speed sensor
Live tracking of your activities to receive encouragement from friends or family


MapMyRide, biking and cycling GPS Tracking app

MapMyRide, biking and cycling GPS Tracking app


As the name suggests, the MapMyRide application will allow you to record all your bike routes.

The statistics offer a detailed follow-up of all your outputs (distance traveled, pace, height difference, calories etc …).

The app is compatible with more than 400 activity trackers such as Android Wear watches, Fitbit smart bracelets, Garmin, Jawbone and many other brands.

It is also possible to share its sports achievements on social networks.

Unlike other competing solutions, MapMyRide does not require the use of its built-in music player. So you can practice your sport while listening to your favorite music and without spending a penny. The Voice Coach automatically triggers every kilometer to provide you with detailed information about your race.

Strava GPS Runnig and Cycling App

Strava records, analyses and shares activities and offers a wide range of features

Here is one of the most popular bike apps on Android. You will find a whole bunch of tools to analyze your different races and training sessions (GPS tracing, altitude record, speed, distance traveled etc …).

The interface of the application does not suffer from any reproach. The ergonomics is very satisfactory.

The app allows the user to concoct a training program and set his own personal goals. You can also participate in challenges, join a club or receive information from your favorite bike brand.

Real-time posture sharing

But that’s not all. The website of the publisher of the application Strava offers a tool of design of routes and a whole set of tools to analyze finely your performance. Finally, the Premium offer has a very interesting feature called Beacon. Once activated, it will transmit your position in real time to your relatives (up to three contacts).

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