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Tinder: 8 secrets of the app to meet people

The Tinder app has revolutionized the world of dating by allowing singles (and not singles) to meet interesting people. As Tinder knows where you are, you know in an instant who is looking for love or an adventure of an evening around you. Here are 8 secrets to increase your chances of scoring on Tinder.

Have a better main photo

On Tinder (, users go very quickly to decide if it goes or it breaks. A new profile appears on the screen and in a quarter of a second, we slide the photo to the right or left depending on whether we like it or not, based only on a profile photo. Suffice to say that this main photo must be effective. It must highlight you and make the user want to see your complete profile. Forget about group photos, blurry photos, where you’re disguised, etc. To arouse interest and curiosity is the secret. Here are some tips for taking better selfies if you do not already have the perfect picture.

Be creative in secondary photos

Once users are interested in your main photo, they will go to see your profile and possibly your other photos. Do not neglect them! You can be more fancy in their choice. It also allows you to show many aspects of your personality and interests. Are you a fan of surfing, BBQ, or comics? This is an opportunity to let him know. All users do not want adventures on Tinder. Some look for a soul mate and want to meet someone with whom they have similar points.

Pay attention to your spelling

What’s more “Turn off” than a Tinder profile written with the spelling level of an 8 year old child! Reread before publishing. If you are unsure of the spelling of a word, check. This takes a few seconds, will immediately improve the image you will give of you and will increase your chances of meetings.

Increase your chances of match

On Tinder, to be in touch with someone and talk about it, you need both to “swipe to the right” the profile that interests you and that the other person has done the same thing on yours. Tip of pro, to avoid wasting time by exploring a user’s profile without knowing if he will like yours in return, you can swiper by default all profiles, very quickly, and start sorting once matches appear.

Identify your contact … and your desires

Once you are in contact with users, there is the phase of the virtual conversation that starts. Everything is played at that moment. After the usual introductions, try to quickly identify what the other is looking for. On Tinder everything is going fast enough. Some seek light encounters of one night, other singles, great love. What are you looking for? Be clear with your contacts, you will save time by putting the cards on the table quickly.

Do not run too many conversations at the same time

It is very easy to chat with about thirty contacts on Tinder. But the risk is that you will stay at a superficial level of conversation and unless you do this 24/7, your contacts will quickly feel that you are “busy” elsewhere and stop talking.

Go from virtual to real

Many users are very good at starting a conversation about Tinder, maintaining dialogue, being virtually seductive, but unable to switch to “real” mode. When the flow goes well with a person, invite her quickly to go for a drink. Remember that the purpose of Tinder is to meet people REAL. Do not waste too much time chatting.

Dare originality

There are millions of profiles on Tinder. It is therefore very easy to drown in the mass and to appear as someone very ordinary. Feel free to play the card of originality in your photos, your description and your discussions. Absurd humor, poetry, daring … it does not matter, what counts is to be authentic and stand out.

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