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Tinder has a version for PC and Mac and many new features

Tinder was previously reserved for smartphones and Apple TV. Now the dating service is expanding its business on Mac and PC. Just open your browser and visit After an authentication with a Facebook account, the site redirects to Tinder Online, the platform of the application dedicated to Mac and PC.

Tinder Online site (register here) has some peculiarities compared to the mobile application. It is possible to scroll through the profiles with the mouse and integrated messaging is practical. However, the features of Tinder Online are still basic. In addition, the website is only available in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, the Philippines, Italy and Sweden.

The company is still looking for other improvements to make. It looks in particular at an SMS connection system. While it was revealed that Tinder had a hidden application reserved for the “elite”, it could well be that Tinder Online also presents a version that is aimed at sexy, beautiful and rich people.

Tinder has a hidden application reserved for “the elite”

Tinder would have created a secret version of his dating app called “Select”. This hidden application would be reserved for sexy, beautiful and rich people.

You will probably be surprised to learn that Tinder was hiding an “elite” version of its application. Techcrunch discovered the existence of Tinder Select, which has been running quietly for more than six months.

The criteria used by Tinder Select are not yet fully understood, but the service would be reserved for people with an attractive physique and having achieved a professional success in life. We find in this hidden application CEOs, but also mannequins as well as profiles with particular coast on Tinder.

Among those invited by Tinder to join “Select”, some of them have the opportunity to invite another person to join the circle. However, these guests will not be able to invite others to their turn.

Soon mini videos on Tinder profile pictures?

How to have an original Tinder profile picture? The answer could come from Loops and its functionality to embed mini videos on this site.

Loops makes it possible to put a video as a profile picture on the dating app. This feature is currently being tested on iOS devices in Canada and Sweden.

The goal is to provide members with a new way to unveil their best and play with originality. Just download the video from the phone, make a small editing with dedicated tools before publishing. However, the sequence only lasts two seconds and in these conditions, it should be very pragmatic. For those who prefer the more traditional way, Tinder offers a simple solution. From now on, each member can use on his profile 9 images (or videos), that is 3 additional choices compared to before. With these new options, users will be able to provide more information about their hobbies, clues that would increase the “matches” and thus enhance the reputation of the application. Social networks are closely linked. Loops, for example, evokes Boomerang, a video option available on Instagram.

In addition, this application could be an alternative to the traditional Facebook photo, especially since the new privacy policy introduced by Facebook that caused a huge bug on Tinder. From now on, the dating app can no longer collect information about the FB profile of its users.

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