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Tinder PC : Get More Matches on Your PC Computer

In March, Tinder made its dating service available on computers in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Sweden, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In recent days, finally allows singles residing in France to check from their Windows PC or Mac.

Same Tinder App Features but On PC and Mac

The Tinder online site offers exactly the same features as the application available for free on iOS and Android. Once logged in to your Tinder account, it’s possible to like or ignore nearby users by clicking, dragging the mouse cursor or using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Several shortcuts have been developed for those in a hurry: left arrow: no, right arrow: like, Up arrow: open profile, down arrow: close profile, enter key: super like, space: next picture.

Improved Messaging and Matching System for Tinder Online offers improved messaging compared to the eponymous mobile app. The user can find all his matches and all his discussions in the same place while he swipes. Tinder uses the computer’s location (via its IP) to find members to match. It is therefore essential to allow the site to access the location of the PC / Mac.

Finally, Tinder offers to send notifications via the web browser when the user receives new matches or messages. The subscription to Tinder Plus, which offers unlimited likes, advanced profile control, swipes around the world or 5 super likes a day is charged € 8.50 per month instead of € 9.99 on iOS ( Apple commission requires).

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