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Top 10 Workout Apps for Your Smartphone – Get Healthy and Stay Fit

Want to get into the sport before the summer? Or are you preparing for the next Paris marathon? Or do you just want to have an app that accompanies you in your daily exercises?


Thanks to GPS, your smartphone can accompany you and help you to surpass yourself by comparing your results to your friends and following your progress. But what are the best applications for sports? Calorie counter, fitness or running, you have the choice and not all applications are equal. Here are a top 10 of the best free sports apps. You can also search in paid applications to find the virtual sports coach that will allow you to track your goals.

1. Runkeeper

With 7 million users already running, Runkeeper is one of the flagship applications in the “running apps” category. These applications are for runners, whether you want to get back into shape or prepare for a marathon. The application allows you to access the statistics of your sports sessions, such as the distance traveled, the duration of your race. Every 5 minutes, a voice will inform you of your average speed, the duration of the race and your current rhythm. It appeals to runners thanks to the simplicity of its interface and its ergonomics.

2. Nike + Running

After downloading the application (and again, it is automatically downloaded to the iPhones), and after registering, you will be part of the Nike + runners community. Like all running apps, it informs you regularly about the distance traveled, your average speed, the difference in altitude and the distance traveled. A little more: if you start to weaken, you can program a “powersong” to re-motivate you (a small Rocky gives a second breath!). Thanks to its “social networking” function, the application will motivate you to exceed the friends you have chosen (nothing forces you to add friends, of course). This is a Nike application, so some inherent flaws: the app will ask you what sports shoes you will have run: the choice is between Nike and Nike … and the social network side will try to motivate you with a message “you are at the trail, X has traveled so much … “unpleasant, but motivating.

3. Endomondo

More reliable than previous apps, it measures more precisely the kilometers traveled. Otherwise, the options are essentially the same: stroke, duration, average speed, maximum speed, vertical drop. Rarer, the app calculates the calories and the amount of water lost. Also, with the satellite images you will be able to see yourself in the middle of the landscapes (urban or rural) that you with crossed. Finally, Endomondo offers a “create a route” function, so you can see the routes that other users propose, and create one in your turn. One defect: the advertisements are very present, it is necessary to pay to get rid of it.

4. Easy Trails

The trail is practiced by millions of lovers who like to run in the vastness of nature, over long distances. Inevitably the difference in level is greater than in the city, as the paths are less obvious than in the city. A dedicated application was inevitable, and if you’re a trail lover you probably know the app. For us Sunday sportsmen, it is a very “pro” application with compass, altimeter, position in longitude and latitude. It also allows you to associate photos with your course, and of course retraces your course. A beautiful flaw: it is necessary to pay beyond a certain distance, and the French version is extremely badly translated (kind Google translation …). But for all those who go out running in the woods, “to the wild” if I dare say, the application will be very useful for you to spot.

5. Sports Tracker

The pioneer of the category, the app deserves right to quote: completely free and complete, it allows you to track and analyze your performance, store all the data in your personal training schedule. You will know how many calories have been burned and the average speed of your workout. The online interface is very complete, you can even zoom in on a part of the race and display the race on a map. In the end a good alternative to sports watches or bike GPS.

6. Strava

A very complete application that allows you to track and analyze your performance, progress, calories burned, speed and average intensity of your workouts. The app saves your records so that you or your friends can beat them; and challenges each month will push you to surpass yourself. You will also find new race routes with the ranking of the most popular routes, which gives all the necessary information (distance, description and photos). Finally, a plus for some, the app is Bluetooth compatible and ANT + speed sensor to monitor your heart rate.

7. 101 Fitness

This sport application is now the most complete to keep you in shape and to muscle in the best conditions thanks to adapted and progressive training. 101 Fitness offers more than 200 sessions created by professionals and distributed according to your personal goals and your daily, weekly, or monthly availability. In addition to fitness exercises, 101 Fitness includes a nutritional approach as well as a blog to help you improve your results and your quality of life. The application is free for 5 sessions and then packages are offered: 9.99 € for a month (7 days trial), 19.99 € for 3 months or 49.99 € for a full year. In short, a highly recommended application regardless of your profile!

8. SwimIO (ex Speedo Fit)

Swimmers are often neglected in the application world (and water and smartphones rarely combine well). But Speedo Fit allows you to measure how many pool sessions you did in the week and month, how many lengths, how long you spent there and in which pool (to find hydrophilic friends). A nice addition: the app offers challenges that motivate you: measure yourself Florent Manaudou, swim from Alcatraz to the mainland, cross Venice or the Grand Canyon, in short what motivate a little or realize the distance (you do not have to cross the Atlantic in a single session).

9. Charity Miles

You want to run, but you lack a motivation? Do you have a humanitarian soul, and participate in the funding of an NGO attracts you? Charity Miles is for you! The principle is simple, you choose an NGO for which you want to run (there is no Frenchman to my knowledge, but the choice is enough), and every mile you make (1.6km), you give 13 cents to the NGO if you are on foot, 10 by bike. I hear those who ask “who pays?” Charity Miles has a fund of 800 000 euros, fed by patrons, nobody will ask you to put your hand to the pocket. Running for a good cause can be a great source of motivation, and everyone benefits from your efforts!

10. Pact

The “capitalist” version of Charity Miles, it will motivate much I am sure! The principle: you earn money if you keep your promise, you lose if you dry. When you register on the app, you set a goal and you deposit money, it’s a pact. The goals are yours: do more sports, eat more balanced, lose weight etc. To prove the achievement of your goals, you can geolocate in a gym, use connected objects, or use the applications mentioned earlier Runkeeper type. And the trick: Pact takes at least $ 5 each missed exercise. And conversely, if you hold your goals, you can earn about 50 cents a week. You will understand, the goal is to come back every day on the app to prove your exercise and not lose 5 dollars. Motivation will be flawless in some.

Bonus: 7 Minutes Workout

Let’s get away from “running apps” to see more “casual” apps that help us get back into shape without necessarily getting ready for the Olympics Launched by the New York Times (yes, the newspaper!), The app 7 minutes Workout is based on scientific research that advances intensive training was just as beneficial as a long sports session. Without any hardware, the app promises you 7 minutes a day and 13 exercises to be performed in 30 seconds each. Practical to get in shape, and useful if you plan to do these exercises in the long term, be careful not to make bad gestures that would break you up rather than they would help you.

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