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Top 3 Best Fitness and Body Building Applications

Who said it was impossible to do sports without paying out? We will introduce you to three bodybuilding applications allowing you to benefit from personalized sports support without leaving your home and without paying a penny.

A Fitness Center inside your smartphone

As you may have noticed, practicing physical activity in a gym requires a substantial budget. This type of subscription is still relatively expensive and this despite the arrival of low cost gym classes. And then we do not necessarily want to spend tens of euros a month to lose two or three kilos.

Obviously, nothing prevents you from going to the woods alone. Unfortunately with time you may lack motivation. Not easy to put on his sneakers to go sweat when outside it raining rain.

Why not try to practice a sport at home? Today there are dozens of applications that can help you build muscle or lose a few pounds without having to take out your wallet. As for those who still doubt the interest of these tools, know that the sessions proposed by these apps resemble very much those practiced in the gyms.

Hercules  app for bodybuilding, fitness, crossfit, Training Program

One begins this selection of bodybuilding application and fitness by one of the market references namely Hercules bodybuilding. Well known by bodybuilders and sports coaches, this app offers no less than 100 exercises to be performed with or without equipment.

Abdos, shoulders, buttocks, biceps, calves, lumbar, pectoral, forearm Hercules does not rule out any group of muscles. It is you who choose your goals by creating your workout yourself with exercises adapted to your level (loads to lift, repetitions etc.)

The application then takes care of recording your performance and displaying your performances at the end of the session. You can follow your progress from day to day.

Domyos E Coach

Who has never dreamed of having a sports coach at home? This is now possible thanks to the Domyos E Coach application. Very simple to use, it offers no less than 50 fitness sessions filmed live from a gym in Lille.

There is no need to travel to a real sports class. Simply note the date and time of the session you are interested in and get dressed on D-Day. You get the advice and encouragement of a real professional coach.

The Domyos E Coach app also offers a replay service (video on demand) to access all unlimited fitness sessions. This service is charged 4.99 euros per month or 49.99 euros per year.


Sworkit Personal Coach

What better than a good Yoga session to recover from a stressful week or fiesta? This sport of relaxation has known for a few months a very strong enthusiasm. This is not surprising. It is the ideal sporting activity for all those who wish to get back into shape while emptying their minds.

Problem, yoga sessions remain relatively expensive. Count not less than 15 euros for an hour. To enjoy the benefits of this discipline without breaking the bank, there is the Sworkit application.

You choose the duration of your session (between 5 and 60 minutes) and then let you guide by the video of the coach. The vocal and visual instructions make it possible to adopt the best posture.

Important detail, Sworkit also offers stretching, cardio and stretching exercises as well as pilates exercises.

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